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Dugway School
School Counselor
Julie Ernst
435-831-4090 Ext. 4205
FAX: 435-831-4091
Schedule a time to meet with me by going to: https://calendly.com/julieernst 

Dugway School is located in English Village on Dugway Proving Grounds; the biological and chemical proving grounds for the United States Military.

Dugway School houses grades K-12 and has approximately 120 students with an average of 10 students per grade. Students have the advantage of small classes, no more than 15 students, with individual assistance.  Dugway School has 20 faculty and staff members.  Dugway School has a comprehensive guidance program that holds to the standards of the American School Counselors Association’s and the State of Utah guidance counseling program. 

Graduation Requirements:


Dugway High School

Language Arts

4 Credits – 9, 10, 11, 12

Social Studies

½ Credit  Geography for Life

1 Credit World Civilizations

1 Credit U.S. History

½ Credit Government/ Civics

½ Credit Financial Literature/Economics


1 Credit Math I/Algebra I

1 Credit Math II/Geometry

1 Credit Math III/Algebra II


1 Credit Biology

1 Credit Earth Science

1 Credit Additional Science (Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, etc.)

Physical Education

1.5 Credits Total:

.5 Credits Fitness For Life

.5 Credits Participation Skills

.5 Credits Lifetime Activities

Health Education

.5 Credit

Foreign Language


Fine Arts

1.5 Credit required

Career & Technical Ed course

1 Credit required

 Grading Scale:

A = 100-93                                           C+ = 79-76

A- = 92-90                                            C = 75-72

B+ = 89-86                                           C- = 70-71

B = 85-82                                              D+ = 69-65

B- = 81-80                                            D = 64-62

D- = 61-60

Concurrent Enrollment:

11th & 12th grade students, who have earned a 3.0 grade point average or higher, have the opportunity of taking concurrent enrollment courses through Snow College and Utah State University.  These courses are college courses that are taught by professors brought into the school through the EDNET system (a video conferencing system).  Students will receive college credit and high school credit for courses successfully completed. The concurrent enrollment staff works to build a full schedule of classes that will benefit our students the most.


Dugway School offers the ACT and SAT college entrance exams on the campus twice a year as well as the ASVAB (military entrance exam with full career interpretation), PSAT (pre-SAT). The State of Utah currently funds all 11th grade students in the state to take the ACT college entrance exam in February.

Extracurricular Activities:                                                                                                                                            

Dugway High School has several different athletic programs: Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Girls and Boys Basketball, Track and Cheer.  Because of the small size of our school almost all of the students that wish to participate in a team have that opportunity.

Dugway School has a Dance Team that includes all grades 5-12.

Dugway has a band program for grades 7-12.

Dugway High School supports several different clubs including the National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Society, FCCLA and HOPE Squad (a suicide awareness club).

2018-2019 Current & New Student Registration
1st-12th Grade
August 7th & 8th - 8:00am - 3:00pm
August 9th - 8:00am - 12:00pm
ALL Student must register online at:
NEW Students will need to provide:
Immunizations records
Birth Certificiate
Previous School records/transcripts
Kindergarten Registration
Need to complete online Kindergarten registration:
Kindergarten students will need to have:
Birth Certificate
Immunizations Records (see State of Utah Requirements)
Vision Screening
Health Appraisal Form
Grantsville High School Scholarship Website.
The LifeLine for Youth scholarship.
Open 12th grade student.
Submit a video for a chance to win  $1,000 scholarship!
Due: March 31, 2019.
Request Transcripts
Email: Jernst@tooeleschools.org
Email: Swall@tooeleschools.org