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9th 10th
11th 12th
*Broadcast classes through THS (10th-12th grade only) will not match our class times exactly, so you may miss part of the class before or after your broadcast class.
**Students wanting to take a CLC or TTECH class must meet with me to work out the schedule and make sure graduation requirements will be able to be met.  
***Students taking classes at the CLC or TTECH will need to provide their own transportation to and from their classes. 
****High School credit can be earned through TTECH. 
Click on the picture above to access the TCSD Credit Guidelines Handbook.
Click Here to see the latest Graduation Course Offering Requirements and Substitutions for Tooele County School District.

Dugway High School General Graduation Requirements


Language Arts/English – 4 required credits (Freshmen are required to take a Language Arts class)

                ___1.0                  Language Arts 9 credit

                ___1.0                  Language Arts 10 credit

                ___1.0                  Language Arts 11 credit

                ___1.0                  Language Arts 12 or Language Arts 12 alternative credit


Mathematics – 3 required credits (Freshmen are required to take a Math class)

                ___1.0                 Secondary Math 1 credit

                ___1.0                 Secondary Math 2 credit

     ___1.0                 Secondary Math 3 or 3rd Math alternative credit


Science – 3 required credits (Freshmen are required to take a Science class)

                ___1.0                 Science 1 credit

                ___1.0                 Science 2 credit

     ___1.0                 Science 3 credit or 3rd Science alternative credit


Social Studies – 3 required credits (Freshmen are required to a Social Studies class)

      ___0.5                 Geography for Life credit

      ___0.5                 World Civilizations credit

      ___1.0                 US History credit

      ___0.5                  US Government credit

      ___0.5                  Social Studies Elective Credit


Health – 0.5 required credit

                ___0.5                  Health credit


Physical Education (PE) – 1.50 required credit (It is recommended that Freshmen take a PE class)

                ___0.5                  Fitness for Life (Must take)

                ___0.5                  Participation Skills credit

                ___0.5                  PE Elective credit


Digital Studies—0.5 credit required (recommended 9th or 10th grade)

                ___0.5                  Business Office Specialist


Arts—1.5 required credits





Career and Technology Education (CTE)

                ___1.0                  CTE credit


Financial Literacy—0.5 required credit

                ___0.5                  Financial Literacy credit (11th or 12th grade)